Friday, July 08, 2011

Is life really unfair?....

      Somebody said that life is unfair but I don’t believe in this. Life is what you make of it. When somebody gives you lemons, make lemonades.  True, problems come our way and our life sucks. We struggle and we fall so many times.  We look around us and we see people enjoying the times of their lives while, on the other hand, everything seems so hopeless for us.   Life is unfair and so we say.  Nah! Not true. We should remember that there is something good in every situation that we are in, whether it is a positive event or not.  It is how we look at life, how we see things, how we love ourselves and how much faith we have.  A carpenter being paid to make a table for a day won’t be able to finish it on time if he sees that what he is working on is a big house instead of a table and if he is working on it with a heavy heart.  

      Love your work, it is God’s gift and make the most of what you’re given. 

      Love yourself, love people, have faith and have the attitude of gratitude….and you’ll see that, after all, LIFE IS FAIR!


  1. love this Jean very inspiring... write more! i have joined a weekly poetry or something like that called - Magpie Tales! check on it... and it is surely a thing to do every week...


  2. hi jay! thank you very much for your nice words, very encouraging. how did you find this blog? i haven't told anyone about this. started this out last july and got so busy after. it's only now that i found time to work on it again...will check on the magpie you jay!


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