September 13, 2011

"Sometimes I do get to places just when God is ready to have somebody click the shutter." (Ansel Adams)

     I just love this quote....all because I love capturing moments, feelings and anything that I find aesthetically pleasing and worth keeping.  Even insects, flowers or a drop of rain tickles my imagination and love for photography and art.  I tried on a few shots using my digital camera and the Nikon DSLR camera which my son, Alex, was so kind to lend me.  He said I should practice more and do the things which I love to do...So, brace yourself and enjoy (I hope so..) viewing the photos.. 

the sun about to set in Boracay,,,,

touching down...

a closer look as the sun sets..

the sun finally settled down...
 September 14, 2011
Korean couple by the beach of Boracay

come play with us Boracay boys...

Alaina, my granddaughter..

I want those eyelashes!!!

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