Monday, September 19, 2011

Restore My Hands

      I always look forward to Sundays. Not only because it is a respite from the busy time of life but also a time for family bonding and most especially, time to attend to our Sunday obligation, our divine appointment with God.  This Sunday's homily by Rev. Fr. Benjie Badajos struck me, particularly the story about the missing hands of God...
     A man had this dream. He was meditating in front of Jesus on the Cross when he noticed that Jesus had no hands. He asked the Lord, "O dear Lord, where are your hands? Who cut it off?"  Jesus answered, "My hands are busy helping the poor, curing the sick, giving food to the hungry and embracing those who needed my hands most."  The man, in his confusion, asked, "Lord, what do You want me to do for You so I could bring You back your missing hands?" 
     Jesus replied, "Be my hands. Help those who are in need.  Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked.  Visit and reach out to the sick. Give a hug to those who need the warmth of my embrace. Then and only then can you restore My Hands."
     As I was listening intently to the homily, I suddenly remember Janine, my youngest daughter, who is now in her 3rd year in college.  One day, she, nonchalantly, told me that she wanted to help send a child to school. Disbelief was my first reaction but I didn't let her hear that thought for fear that I would discourage her from doing this noble deed.  To cut the story short, after talking to a father, whom I know has nine children, Janine is now being able to help send six -year-old Cyrus to a kindergarten school out of her savings.  She plans to see him through until college.
    This made me feel so blessed and ecstatically happy, knowing that my daughter has developed a compassionate heart for the poor.  The seed that we have planted has produced its fruits.  When my children were growing up, they met people who would always come to our house for even their most trivial need like food for a meal, medicine for sick relatives or a place to stay for the night. During Christmas, I would always prepare extra food (Christmas recipes) and gifts not for my family but for some people in depressed areas whom we would be visiting and those from our farm in a  far-flung village who would spend the day with us. These and many other opportunities to serve the needy were witnessed by my children as they grew up. 
     Jesus gave us the best examples of unconditional love and compassion when He reached out His hands to His neighbors, the poor, the sick and the needy. In the Bible, you would always read the text, "Jesus was moved with compassion" or "He was moved with pity."
     Janine was moved with pity and compassion.  In her own little way, she is Jesus' hands reaching out to little Cyrus and no one can take that away from her.  She has responded to Our Lord's plea when He said, "Restore my hands...."
     Will you respond too?

Janine, my daughter...

(from L to R) Jenny (my eldest daughter), Janine, my mom, my dad, me




  1. this is wonderful Jean. U are turly kindhearted person.

    Have a great week ahead...



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