Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Psalm of Gratitude to the Creator

      The Lord has blessed the City of Puerto Princesa with His magnificent creation, a true wonder of nature...the world renowned St. Paul Subterranean River National Park, now known as Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR).  PPUR is the official entry of the Philippines and finalist to the global quest for the New 7 Wonders of Nature of the World.  

       In thanksgiving, I want to sing this song of praise to God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.
entrance to the mouth of the Underground River

 An awesome God He is!

His infinite aesthetic sense
Formed the universe with no pretense.

An awesome God He is.
Behold His masterpiece!

A work of art penned from His heart;
stalactites and stalagmites
rock formation with nature’s fusion
sea and river converge together.

An awesome God He is.
Worship Him for His wondrous deeds!

A breathtaking mountain landscape
Captures the innocent with no escape.
Rain, beach and mangrove forest
Everything crafted with His zest!

O mighty God! Almighty One!
From the palm of Your hands
You created one
Great Underground River
in Puerto Princesa , Palawan.

In gratitude I sing You praises!
For in Your goodness 
You have shown Your greatness! 

longest navigable underground river

rock formation and stalactites

habitat of bats and birds

Note:   Photos courtesy of friends and Google images
My entry to Week 10 Theme: Nature, Mountains, Rivers, and Forests.

   Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award 
I nominate Me Daily for the next award.


  1. you blow me away,

    God bless, magical journey with your words.

  2. Love your poem. The photos are such a tribute to God's creation and as our creator. He is amazing! Thanks for posting, really enjoyed it.

  3. Amen! Praise Him! Beautiful song and awesome pictures of His handiwork! Wonderful post!


  4. great post and nice blog...

  5. Something to be proud of as Puerto Princesans..truly a majestic masterpiece of nature...

  6. beautiful tribute and pictures.. yes, it is a lovely wonder.. been there myself :-)

  7. this is beautiful. the words, the praise, and the pictures are GORGEOUS!

    being a true Palaweno, I am very thankful to GOD for this wonder.

    I love it!


  8. Beautiful thoughts about God on your post!

    How glad I am that you visited me on my website. A new friend who loves Jesus--I am blessed!

    Look forward to knowing you better.


  9. Dear Morning, Kimberly, Marbles in my Pocket, Anonymous, Heaven, Jj and Diane,

    Thank you so much for dropping by and for your encouraging words. I am blessed for having found an avenue to write for the Lord and for meeting people like you. Everything is grace and I believe this is one.

    My dear friend Jj, special thanks to you for you were the first one who noticed my blog and motivated me to write more...

    God bless us all and looking forward to sharing more stories, poetry and experiences with you.


  10. amazing wonder, thanks for visiting me, I am well.

    writing takes strong roles at times, it changes from time to time.

    have a lovely Thursday.
    you rock.

  11. nature is really wonderfull and so is your poem.

    have a nice weekend.

  12. Wow! That's great mam Jean. I didn't know you can write so well. I'm glad u r with the u.r. Team. May our Almigthy bless you more. . Mabuhay!


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