Thursday, January 05, 2012

Believe in Magic

Believe in magic, my little girl. 
I promise you, I will be there

To watch your dance and lovely gait
And clap my hands in euphoric state.

But here I am in a crowded street
With yellow daisies for your feat.

God, I whisper, soar me high
On wings of my umbrella I will fly

Just right in time for the curtain call
And kiss you goodbye for your ball.

Bluebell Books:Short Story Slam Week 18


  1. Very nice, Jeannette! Excellent use of the prompt!

  2. That's again amazing one.. I am happy to see such lovely attempt on prompt..

  3. believing in magic is such a wonderful thing to teach a child. lovely write.

  4. very hopeful and beautiful.

    love it.

  5. enchanting and loving words.

    great style.

  6. Fun and hopeful, thanks!

  7. i believe in magic, smiles!

    love your take on ther prompt.

  8. Sweet story-poem, Jeannette. A lot of emotion in those few lines.

  9. Wonderful, magical and full of a mother's awesome all encompassing love. I loved it!

  10. LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS!!! I can't seem to find any other words... I am still smiling... It's so beautiful... I just wrote a poem to my little girl last week on my blog and she was smiles from ear to ear when I read it to her (she is five) ... your words are full of love and kindness... a mother's love seems to give the perfect touch to a write.

    lovely, truly!



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