Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Presence


leaning against the window
the lady in white flowing gown 
tilts her head
flashes a saccharine smile
beckons me over 
with a wave of her hand
sunlight seeps through her
the clock ticks to warn
my bones chill 
the floating presence recedes

with my naked eyes
i see her

a spirit



  1. Brr! But a nice distillation of the scene.

  2. how the sunlight flows through her...and that is our first clue that she is a spirit....pretty cool take on the prompt....adding an element of the unseen...

  3. It's the sort of room that spirits might inhabit - nice one.

  4. The picture today is all about spirits and memories, lingering inside. I love that yours is bathed in the warmth of the 'seeping sunlight'. Your poem is beautifully constructed, Jeannette. I love it and I thank you for sharing it!!

  5. Great interpretation. I liked this part: "sunlight seeps through her / the clock ticks to warn"

  6. oh i like the ghostly presence...wonderful...x


  7. This does look like a room that would welcome a ghost or two ..

  8. Defidnitely something ghostly about this room. Very nice indeed. Thank you.

  9. Oh well done - does look a room that spirits would inhabit.

    Anna :o]

  10. I felt that way about that room as well....beautiful writing Jeannette! Certainly there is a presence there in memory and eye. :-)


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