Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poetry For My Granddaughters

with Peachy

Alaina and Peachy came to visit,

Prancing and dancing with their little feet.

Their sparkling eyes and sweet smiles

Bring my thoughts across the miles.

How I wish I could bring back time

And cuddle you in these arms of mine;

a kiss from Alaina
Because you are off and we don’t see much

I ask of you to please get in touch.

Years from now I will be old

Weak and sick so I will be told;

And I just wish you will be in sight

Saying, “Hello Grandma! We’ll stay for the night.”


Posted for: Poetry Jam                  

Poetry Picnic Week 17:Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families


  1. Sweet and full of love!.. Beautiful grandma!


  2. A sweet and wonderful write. My grandsons grew up much too far away from me, and it was not fun. I wish they could have been nearer to me.

  3. how sweet,

    bless you and your grand kids.

    cute smiles.

  4. Can't beat granddaughters for sweetness! ♥


    you are represented at our place on poem of the week.

    thanks for the attention, welcome to week 18 fun today.


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