Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Doubting Thomas and Me

         St. Thomas was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus who refused to believe Jesus' resurrection until he saw the nail marks in His hands and probed Jesus' wounded side. Upon seeing Jesus, his incredulity was shaken and he believed. He was said to be the first disciple to put into words the truth that Jesus is both Lord and God.

be not like Thomas
an apostle who doubted
risen Lord's presence

until he saw scars
in awe and bended knees, prayed
"My Lord and My God!"  

believe without seeing, faith
grows like mustard seed


sometimes i'm in doubt
whether you like what i write
it's all about me

doubt hovers like clouds
the faith i have in my words
hoping to reach you

@ Jeannette D. Asuncion 2012
Posted for:  The April Heights - Day 4 - #116 - Doubt


  1. Reach us you do so with your special Easter set of Haiku. thank you.

  2. I'm afraid I'm more like Thomas than I'd care to admit much of the time!

  3. Beautiful set....Loved the last one most!

  4. Superb work!
    A beautiful sequence of haiku! Faith grows like a mustard true!

  5. beautiful.. the haiku set flowed like silk..loved it..thank you..

  6. Lovely encouragements--and don't doubt--I certainly like what you write :)


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