Thursday, April 05, 2012

Waves of Love

Today, Maundy Thursday, we commemorate Jesus washing the feet of His apostles, an example of humility and loving service in which we are called to follow....

wash each others' feet
in all humility, serve
filled with waves of love

@ Jeannette D. Asuncion 2012
Posted for:  The April Heights - Day 4 - #117 - WAVES


  1. I am amazed by the way you relate the given prompt in such a beautiful scenario of your own!
    Yes, we surely to follow humility and loving service!
    Nice one.

  2. Oh excellent and so appropriate for today !

  3. Perfect for this Holy Week...Thank you ~

  4. Awesome timing for Holy Week ... as He does indeed cover us with waves of Love as we follow His lead!!!

    This is my Day 5 ~~ Waves Wash Over Me.


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